04 March 2006

Welcome back... I hope!

After a long hiatus, I hope that some of you are still with us!

Without attempting to be offensive (and with the knowledge that I am agnostic and at best atheistic when I'm most honest with myself), this is the season of resurrections. Like a phoenix from the ashes, This Big Hush hopes to rise again. Welcome back to our little piece of the universe.

Unfortunately, the world in which we live in is filled with bigotry and misunderstanding. That's what I loved about This Big Hush when I came to be a part of this fantastic community back in 2004. We were a community of intelligent well-spoken people intimately involved in the lifestyle. There were academic conversations, we took on the more sticky and uncouth subjects with grace and dignity and we answered questions open and honestly without biting our tongues. We were the public relations people for submission.

There has never been a rule that submissives must be weak, at least not a spoken rule. Many people expect us to be sweet and demure, and often we are. But sweetness must also be tempered with the ability to stand up for ourselves. We're full of sugar and spice here, and that may be partly why you loved us so much.

But perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. If you've found us again, welcome back. We hope to continue to bring you the standard of excellence that I know us all capable of. If you're new here, welcome as well. Ask questions, be outspoken... we all deserve to be heard.

Hope to hear from you all soon!