28 August 2004


Throw me against the wall. Use your thick arms and strong body to push me hard against it. Kiss me deep with a flick of your tongue. Make the pressure hurt this time. Let me know you are here. For me.

Never mind that I look uncomfortable beneath your eyes. Inside it feels like home. I need this. Suddenly be overcome with the need to punish me for what rattles in my mind while you are away. Pretend like you know what I have been doing seperate from you in another dimension in my mind and make me pay my dues. Please be harsh. I am worthy. The difficulty of being a girl with temptations arouses you enough to give me whatever I ask without humilliation. Without regard for ego nor principals. Nothing matters when we are alone in a room. You divuldge to my requests willingly.

You whisper, "Anything....."

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27 August 2004

Attachment and D/s

Kamaslut at Ordered Naked has published an article about the emotional aspects of D/s. It's definitely worth a look.

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22 August 2004

Ritual from the Top & Bottom

As a sub, I find ritual very powerful. Sometimes the ritual is merely something that has become a regular part of submission. Putting on my makeup and clothes are a good example of this. Sometimes it's something that taps into some deeper symbology, like when I offer my collar to MB and she fastens it around my neck. I know from correspondence with other subs that the comfort I find in ritual is not unusual.

When I originally posted this, I had been thinking about ritual only as a way to enhance the feeling of submission or domination. But Iela made a great comment about ritual's potential in the transition into the scene from "real life" and back again. I should have thought of this, as this is the way many people use the collar ritual.

But I've often wondered if Doms/Dommes felt the same way about ritual. Is ritual something you do because you know your sub likes it? Or something you do because it helps your sub get into the right heasdspace faster? Or does ritual help create/fulfill the experience for for you as a Dom/Domme?

Some part of me sees ritual as a way of deepening almost any act of submission. Another part of me sees this as annoyingly selfish. I should concentrate on what I've been asked to do, and not require the top to create a romantacized context for it.

The question remains: Is ritual something that enhances the experience for Doms/Dommes the same way it does for many subs? I really don't have an answer to this, or even much of a conjecture. I do know that I'd like to know what other people's answers are.

Note: I've revised this post recently based on a comment made by Iela.

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