06 November 2004

Politics and sexuality.

I was going to reply as a comment, but decided to actually use my rights as a poster. :)

Personally, I believe politics and sexuality go hand in hand. There are very few genuinely anarchist states in the world, which means that (like it or not) everyone's lives are governed by some form of higher government. This means even the little things we take for granted (like getting a drink from the faucet in the kitchen) have some sort of law or legal formality attached to it.

Without politics, people would be free. I truly believe this. It's amazing that someone would complain about us moving away from the nicer things in life to lower ourselves and talk about politics. Politics run the world. A lot of people involved in BDSM don't identify mainly as heterosexual, vanilla people. Therefore, gay rights pertains directly to a lot of members of this community (myself included). Abortion rights as well, as many of our members are female.

There are very few of us who live solely in a bondage bubble. Meaning, we have real lives outside of being tied down and fucked. We're mothers, students, wives, husbands. We go to work, we go out to dinner, we protest, we read books that don't meet decency standards. We're more than just dumb slut submissives looking for the next Master to tell us what to think and how to act.

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04 November 2004

Change of Address - FLIPSIDE

Tooting my own horn, so it's behind the cut... (no it isn't - it's right up here where it should be! rg)

The web address for Flipside has changed.

Now it's: http://www.flypsyde.org

Please update your links. Thank ewe. :P

(posted by Devi - editted by rg)

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