03 September 2004

Online play

Hey y'all. Just wanted to draw your attention to Urbanstud's blog. He has just published a very interesting post on online play, which raises some important and complex issues. How do you combine cybering with your offline life? Do you do it in secret or does your spouse know about it? Go, read and contribute!

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30 August 2004

Raising the market value of the Dom

I read an interesting (although superficial) article in a newspaper today. The headline said "Women love porn", and the article described the result of a survey. A large amount of people had been asked if they watched porn, and more than 40 % of the women responded they did - for more than an hour a week. I found that to be ... hmm ... somewhat less than I do, but that's beside the point.
The respondents were asked which type of porn they preferred watching. Among the women, vaginal intercourse came first, and MMF threesomes came in second. The latter did not appear on the men's favorite list at all (Damn!). FFM threesomes did, though (No comment).

A doctor (sexologist) commented on the survey results, saying that women often have much rougher and more "violent" type sexual fantasies than men. Quote: "women have far more fantasies which they would never live out in real life - than men do!". Unquote. His explanation for this was the fact that men come easily - and women don't. Therefore, men need softer, more prolonged fantasies (in order to sustain their arousal without coming), while women have to stimulate themselves through rougher and more extreme types of fantasies - in order to reach their orgasm.

It seemed a little odd to me, frankly. All those nice girlie-girls having fantasies of being taken roughly by a bunch of policemen (now where on earth did that come from?), while Mr. Butch masturbates to soft-lensed vanilla scenarios.

Does that ring true? I don't really know. If you look at the porn industry, it is still mainly directed at men. And I wouldn't say the majority of what is produced is soft porn.

If it is true, however, Doms may be an even rarer species than I thought. And I'm afraid that's gonna raise their market value to an unfathomable level! I just haven't go that sort of money. So I'll bet the few coins I have that this particular sexologist is wrong! Just a little wrong ... (please?)

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