30 September 2004

First: feed her mind

I've been faced with quite a challenge, and I need your help. Morpheus, who is currently forcing his inner dom out of the closet, asked me for a links list of D/s ressources, so that his girlfriend can read and learn about the submissive role in a D/s relationship. At first, my reaction was pure envy! "Well, train the bitch and just stop if she doesn't like it!"

However, I know I'm sexually submissive, and regardless of the fact that I would adore some "training", that kind of reaction doesn't help Morpheus or his girlfriend.

In most of the relationships described in various blogs - including my own -, the process of discovery is the reverse: the (often female) submissive recognizes her needs, and tries to make the best dom possible out of her man. For Morpheus, the process is the opposite.

Naturally, I'll send him a link to this place. If nothing else, his girlfriend would see just how different and varied the submissive experience can be. The TBH Team span from wanting full DD to needing a purely sexual D/s relationship. We react differently to different stimuli, which may give her a chance to find out which type of submission she feels most responsive to.

However, there's a lot of "goes-without-saying" talk here. We are an inbred crowd. And maybe it's not all suited for absolute beginners? This brings me to the challenge I mentioned earlier. Is there any way to describe this in general terms? How does one learn to be a submissive, or rather, find out which kind of submissive you may be - if at all? Naturally trial and error is a way of finding out - but Morpheus thinks reading about it will ease her way into finding out what she wants, and probably give them some things to discuss, which aren't too close to home.

So ... do you have any ideas?

PS. I haven't included a link to his blog, as M. and his girlfriend have agreed that she should stay out of there for the time being. My money is on her finding it in a matter of seconds.It's a small community, this!

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